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Friday, December 13, 2019

Hillside Public Library Board met March 15.

By Noddy A. Fernandez | May 1, 2017

Hillside Public Library Board met March 15.

Here is the minutes provided by the Board:

1. Call To Order:

Maureen Sypkens called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

• Public comments: Visitors are asked to identify themselves by full name and address, at this time and present any issues they wish to discuss. Comments shall be limited to 5 minutes and the Board President may shorten or lengthen a person’s opportunity to speak. No more than 20 minutes shall be allowed to each subject under discussion, except with unanimous consent of the Board.

Present: Maureen Sypkens, Mary Wajda, Bill Spain, Gloria Whitaker, Donna Kassar, and Dan Bindert. Absent: None

2. GUESTS- Introduction of Guests- Donna Steiner

a) Question and Answer for potential new board members.

b) Motion made by Gloria Whitaker to Approve the Appointment of Donna

c) Steiner as Trustee of the Hillside Library Board. Motion seconded by Gloria Whitaker.

d) AYES: Maureen Sypkens, Mary Wajda, Bill Spain, Gloria Whitaker, Donna Kassar, and Dan Bindert.

e) Seating of new trustee approved.

3. Approval Of Minutes:

Mary Wajda made a motion to: Accept The Minutes of The March 15, 2017 Regular Board Meeting for the Hillside Public Library. Bill Spain seconded the motion. Carried by voice vote. There was no Quorum for the February 15, 2017 Regular Board Meeting for the Hillside Public Library

4. Reports Of The Officers:

1. President’s Report: None.

2. Secretary’s Report: None.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Bill Spain presented the Treasurer’s Report for March 15, 2017.

a) The review of the Resolution dated March 15, 2017, covering expenses for the month of February, 2017, filed under a separate cover for audit in the Hillside Public Library were presented. b) Motion made by Donna Kassar to: Approve The Treasurer’s Report and Accept the Financial Statement and Pay all Bills Presented in the Resolution For March 15, 2017.

Motion seconded by Gloria Whitaker. Motion carried by roll call vote:. Gloria Whitaker- Aye, Mary Wajda-Aye, Dan Bindert- Aye, Donna Kassar –Aye, Maureen Sypkens-

a) The Board of Trustees finalized the monthly Treasurer’s Report by signing all checks as listed in the MARCH 15, 2017 Resolution and summarized below.

a) Review of Bills and Financial Accounting:

4. Executive Session: Not Required

1. Review of Bills and Financial Accounting:

Expenditures as of February 28, 2017

Expenditures as of February 28, 2017

General Expenses $ 18,769.50

Payroll Expenses $ 46,257.33

Total Expenditures $ 65,026.83

Total Expenditures $ 18,769.50

Receipts as of March 15, 2017 $ 46,257.33

Fines, Fees & Misc. Income $ 65,026.83


Interest Income Interest on taxes $.44 $ 1,471.61

Republic Bank 609005 $144.30

Illinois Funds Reinvest $ 475.51

Per Capita Grant 620.25

Revenue Sharing $

Taxes Prior Years $

Taxes Current $

Taxes Deferred Taxes

Prior Corporate Replacement Taxes $

Other Bank Maintenance Fee $ 154,529.27

Total Receipts $ -157.87 

2. Ratification and Confirmation of Investments:

Bank: 609005 to Expense Acct. 130133 $ 156,463.26 


1) Transfer $ 49,270.92 ]

2) Deposit 

3) Other

BANK: 130133 to Acct. 609005 Activity:

1) Transfer $139,286.47

2) Deposit

3) Other

Bank: 130133 to Payroll Account 116726

E. Administrative LIBRARIAN

At the March 2, 2017 SWAN Quarterly Meeting the Y18 Budget & Fee Schedule were approved. Aaron Skogg updated the membership on SIRSI’s progress on their cloud based platform for cataloging and circulation. The circulation module was released in January but isn’t ready for our consortia use at this point. Their new cataloging platform is in the final testing stages and will be available in 2018.

With the LINC and Magic consortiums dissolving and 19 of these libraries joining SWAN, revision of the Fees structure are required. SWAN staff have already been collaborating with the staff of LINC and MAGIC to prepare for the upcoming migration. In addition, we're working with members of the New 19 library staff on project planning. Throughout the migration, these new 19 libraries will be paired with current SWAN member libraries to have one-on-one sister library relationships. Current and future SWAN libraries will be able to discuss services and products, network, share knowledge and resources, as well as strengthen relationships within the Illinois library community.

RAILS has created a new Directors University for the many new directors in the system. TRAILS will continue discounts/group purchases and the investigation of the overlay project, which will allow library catalogs on different systems to be linked so staff and patrons can search all libraries in RAILS on a single platform. They are working to continue the very popular museum pass program.

The Friends of the Library group are planning a meeting in May. Currently the membership is down and they are regrouping. Two volunteers will keep the organization functioning on a limited basis. Currently books are piling up in the basement and they haven’t planned a Book Sale.

Director Losey attended the Illinois Library Associations’ Annual Legislative Meet- Up on February 13, 2017 at the Marriott Oak Brook and meet Representative Emanuel Chris Welch (D) of the 7th District, which includes Hillside. Much of the conversation centered on the budget impasse in Springfield. Representative Welch was attentive to the various libraries represented and our discussion of the affect the budget impasse has on libraries. Robert P. Doyle, Executive Director of ILA, spoke about the importance of advocacy for local libraries.

The ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Report has been competed and filed with the Secretary of State’s Office. This annual report summarizes the amount of materials each library borrows and lends to libraries and patrons outside their community. The annual certification process is required of all library system members in order to qualify for continuing system services and grants programs from the Illinois State Library. The ILLINET Report must be completed prior to the certification process. These were completed by March 1, 2017. The window for certification will close Friday, March 31st, 2017. This certification has been completed

E. Committee Reports

1. Admisnistration- None

2. Bussiness/ Finance- None

F. Unfinished Business:

1. Employee Credit Card Limits- The library currently has one credit card with several users. The bank will issue new cards with better terms and higher limits. Director Losey presented information on usage of the credit cards, amount spent on each card, and the account numbers for all purchases.

2. Employee Handbook Review proposal from the Management Association of Illinois was reviewed and questions answered. A motion to accept the proposal from The Management Association was made by Maureen Sypkens and seconded by Bill Spain. The motion passed on voice vote.

G. New Business:

1. Director Losey explained the Comprise Smart Terminal and its capabilities. This product is made by Comprise, the company we purchased Sam software from for the public computers. The proposal from Comprise was presented and a motion to accept the proposal was made by Bill Spain and seconded by Mary Wajda. The motion passed on voice vote.

2. A proposed budget was presented and Director Losey explained the amounts and budgeted items in each account. Bill Spain made a motion to accept the proposed budget for the fiscal year FY 2017-2018. The motion was seconded by Donna Kassar.

H. Announcements:

I. Reminders: The next meeting is April 19, 2017 at 7:00 PM.

J. Adjournment

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Gloria Whitaker and seconded by Bill Spain. Motion carried by voice vote.

The meeting adjourned at 8:26 P.M.


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