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Monday, January 27, 2020

Village of Western Springs President and Board of Trustees met May 6

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Jul 19, 2019


Village of Western Springs President and Board of Trustees met May 6.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

President Alice F. Gallagher, Presiding

Call to Order, 7:00 p.m.

James Horvath, Acting Village Clerk

Board Members Present

Berry Alien

Sheila Hansen

Heidi Rudolph

William Siffermann

Edward Tymick

James Tyrrell

Others Present

Ingrid Velkme, Village Manager

Grace Turi, Director of Finance

Matt Supert, Director of Municipal Services

Tracy Alden, Director of Recreation

Patrick Kenny, Director of Fire & EMS

Marty Scott, Director of Comm Dev

Ellen Baer, Director of Admin Svcs

Brian Budds, Director of Law

Enforcement Services

Michael Jurusik, Village Attorney


The meeting opened at 7:00 p.m.


President Gallagher led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Electronic attendance at meeting: None.

As noted above.


There were none.


Village Actuary Todd Schroeder ofLauterbach & Amen provided an overview of actuarial projections for the contribution year. The Village is on a very aggressive pace exceeding statutory requirements for contributions. Discussion followed.


There were none.



A) Ordinance Amending Section 4-1-10a(10) Of The Western Springs Village Code To Increase The Number Of Class "J" (Special Events On Village Owned Property;

Beer And Wine Only) Liquor Licenses Available For Issuance And To Authorize Issuance Of Class "J" Special Event Liquor Licenses To The Western Springs Business Association For The 2019 Gathering On The Green, 2019 Fall Festival And 2019 Winter Wonderland Event To Be Conducted On The Village Tower Green Area And Portions Of The Adjacent Rights-Of-Way OfHillgrove Avenue, Lawn Avenue, Grand Avenue And Walnut Street

B) License And Indemnification Agreement For Temporary Use Of A Public Right-Of- Way To Operate A Beer And Wine Retail Sales Tent And Alcoholic Beverage Sales/Consumption Area At Special Events [Western Springs Business Association For 2019 Special Events: Gathering On The Green, Fall Festival, And Winter

Wonderland Special Event]

C) Village Of Western Springs - Temporary Use Permit For 2019 WSBA Special


Trustee Tymick reported on items 1A-C which related to a request from the Western Springs Business Association (WSBA) to renew their annual liquor license. Last year, for the first time, the Board provided WSBA the opportunity to present a request for an annual liquor license covering all of the different events which they hold throughout the year. WSBA asked for renewal of that annual license for 2019. The General Government Committee reviewed this request and determined this would be appropriate. WSBA has done a great job with these events in past years. There are no significant changes to the events other than moving the Gathering on the Green and the Fall Festival to Saturday, rather than Friday night, to allow WSBA to have a full day out of the event, with more attendance, more Village involvement and more residents. The approval will be on the May 20, 2019 omnibus vote list.

D) Comcast Back-up Internet Agreement2

Trustee Tymick presented a request from Director of Technology Pat Schramm to enter into an agreement with Comcast business to provide back-up internet connectivity for the Village. Director Schramm explained how critical this is because so much of the Village's communications within the Village are carried over the internet. If we were to lose that service, as happened once in the not too recent past, for an extended period of time, it would become a real problem. Director Schramm investigated options and found that Comcast Business provided a connection that we would need. A draft agreement was included in the Board's agenda packet for review. The expenditure of approximately $1,000.00 per month was budgeted for 2019. The annual expense is approximately $12,000.00 and this is would be a three-year agreement. The Committee reviewed the request and recommend approval. The approval will be on omnibus on May 20, 2019. President Gallagher added that this is minimal dollars to pay for that security.

E) Resolution Approving the Content of and/or Release of Certain Closed Meeting

Minutes of Regular and Special Meetings and Workshop Meeting of the President and Board of Trustees (2017 Full-Year Review and 2019 Full-Year Review)

Illinois law regarding Open Meetings requires the Board to review on an annual basis closed meeting minutes and to determine if the content is suitable for release. A resolution containing a list of those closed meeting minutes to be released was provided to the Board in this agenda packet. The Committee reviewed the resolution providing for approval and determination and recommended moving forward on May 20, 2019 on the omnibus vote list. Attorney Jurusik said the recommendation for keeping certain topics in minutes closed are for topics such as labor, personnel and litigation, due to strategy and making sure the Village's leverage in negotiating matters are not undermined.

F) Intergovernmental Agreement Between the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

and the Village of Western Springs

Manager Velkme presented a draft intergovernmental agreement between the Village of Western Springs and the Illinois Tollway. Several representatives of the Tollway were present to answer any questions which arise after the presentation. The Illinois Tollway rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Central Tri-State Tollway is a four- billion-dollar project which impacts the entire western border of the Village of Western Springs. It spans the 1-294 expressway from Balmoral Avenue to 95 Street. The Tollway has some very aggressive and monumental engineering tasks ahead of them: removing two oases, reconstruction of the mile-long bridge, the reconfiguration of l-290/1-294 interchange, the removal and reconstruction of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe bridge and removal of the pedestrian overpass. These are just several of the items the Tollway will be doing. IVIanager Velkme asked staff to play a video for the Board that was prepared by the Tollway. This video is also available for viewing on the Illinois Tollway website.

Before any work on the mainline can begin for the 1-294 construction, the Tollway does need to remove the bridge. There is an addition of a shoofly bridge with three tracks, which will be built for the use of all rail traffic during construction. Upon completion, the third track will remain. There is a ramp that will go up to the third track and when that is complete, the Tollway has requested there be a sign and that BNSF park their vehicles as much as possible over the Tollway so that equipment is not in the Village's view. The first work will be done on the south side on the shoofly in the Spring Rock Park area. Once that is done, the existing rail bridge will be removed, and the road will be widened to accommodate the 14 lanes. The BNSF intends to keep one of the tracks for its storage. There will be a pedestrian bridge at Maple Street which will be taken down. The Village ofHinsdale and the Village of Western Springs still need to discuss the pedestrian bridge and whether or not it will go by the 47th Street bridge. This discussion will also involve the Park District. The Ogden Avenue, 55th Street and 47th Street bridges will remain. The Plainfield Road bridge will be rebuilt but will remain open to traffic. The proposed intergovernmental agreement is a legally binding agreement. It is a document that strives not only to protect the Village but also the Tollway. The focus of this draft agreement is only the BNSF bridge work because that is the first work to be done. The design work on the mainline is yet to be completed so we anticipate receiving more information on that in the future.

With regard to land acquisition, the Tollway requires land owned by the Village for construction of the project including a parcel for the area by the existing pedestrian bridge as well as a parcel by the Public Works area, which will be a permanent easement. There are some temporary easements and some permanent easements along the rail as well as down by the commuter parking. In the Commonwealth area, there is a strip of land that the Tollway would also like to acquire as well as some drainage area in that area, too. The pedestrian underpass at Prospect Avenue will improve the safety of the rail crossing. Work will be done during the construction of the Tollway bridge and the Tollway provided the design support for the new pedestrian underpass, including Phase 1 and Phase 2 engineering. The Village has secured additional funding for the rest of the constmction and will lead the project. Manager Velkme said she spoke today with the ICC to confirm that the Village does have the $900,000.00 earmarked. The ICC confirmed that is the case and there is a process the Village will follow to receive that funding.

The Tollway is working with the Village to monitor and protect the Village's Water Well No. 4 to ensure structural integrity, and water quality, and provide back-up power while project work occurs in the vicinity. Construction vibration and displacement monitoring, groundwater protection needs assessment, water quality testing and television inspection of the buildings are addressed in the intergovernmental agreement.

Landscaping, fencing and site screens will be developed in partnership with the Village and the Tollway at the end of the project. This area will be clear cut as is the case on the other side, but the Tollway will be restoring the area after the project is complete. The Village is looking for some long-tenn screening here.

The Village also identified a drainage problem that is partially due to the BNSF embankment. The Tollway is installing a new 48" pipe under the BNSF rail line for the Village to address local flooding concerns. This storm sewer will be owned and maintained by the Village. This pipe improves drainage in Spring Rock Park. The Village will be looking to obtain an easement from the Park District for this storm sewer.

During construction the Village will lose access to approximately 75 commuter parking spots. Upon completion of construction, sidewalks and other amenities will be included in the project to improve access from the commuter parking to the train station, as well as to improve pedestrian access to the Park District property. Director Turi and Deputy Chief Albrecht are working with the pool in order to secure spots during their off months.

The Tollway will erect new noise abatement walls in compliance with their Abatement Policy. Where possible, the Tollway will install noise abatement walls in advance of the mainline. The Tollway is building a noise wall around the oasis to provide noise and site mitigation. This wall was originally not recommended due to sound levels. The project teams included walls to address aesthetic and visual issues associated with truck parking at the oasis. Additional noise walls will be installed near Timber Trails, the Recreation Center and the Public Works building to minimize noise to the adjacent neighborhoods. Walls in the north area will also be installed up to the Ogden Avenue ramp.

Security of the Village and access to the construction site is an utmost concern of the Village. Generally, construction vehicles will enter from the Tollway. No construction traffic will be allowed on Village streets. If there is an unusual circumstance that requires the use of Village streets, the contractor must receive Village temporary approval. Aerial cameras will be installed to monitor the site. The Tollway Maintenance staff will be monitoring the roadway. In addition, the Illinois State Police will be providing two dedicated construction cars on a 24/7 basis for the project. This is included in the agreement

If the Tollway acquires the south terminus at Commonwealth Avenue, once the project is completed the Tollway will construct a cul-de-sac per a separate agreement and ownership would be transferred to the Village.

Work being done in the Village will be done within the Village's established construction hours. On occasion, there will be requests to change the established hours, but this must be done with the Village's approval. The Tollway will have its personnel answer customer service questions and information will be easy to find on their website.

Other aspects of the agreement address concerns regarding fiber optics, utilities, signage, detention design, maintenance responsibilities, and on-going community engagement and outreach.

Attorney Jurusik said the intergovernmental agreement is a collaborative effort and contains significant enhancements to the Tollway agreement the Village received in December and January. Attorney Jurusik also noted that the Village has a review and comment right, and there is a process for the Village to review all Tollway project plans that are germane to our community and that impact property that is either in our town or adjacent to our Village. Attorney Jurusik said the Village will have the opportunity to review plans and make comments on the storm water drainage facilities that the Tollway will be installing at our western border, just inside our western border. The Tollway has made a commitment that no construction will reduce the capacity or operation of the Village's stormwater drainage facilities. As an example, Timber Trails has a significant stormwater drainage facility on its western edge. The Village will have an opportunity to review and provide comments on their detention basin. The Village will also have the opportunity to review and comment on landscape maintenance plans, debris, litter and invasive weed removal which is important with open stormwater drainage basins. This will insure maintenance of the operational capacity of the basin.

The Tollway has also made a commitment to work with the Village and to allow the Village to see and comment on the site development plan for the east side oasis. The Tollway has made a commitment to work with the Village to address the parking lot light reduction issues, site aesthetic concerns, exhaust regulations, and the vendors at the location who might be cooking food or producing exhaust or odors. The Tollway is also making a commitment to provide additional truck parking within the corridor, that being the whole Tollway, to help address the truck noise and exhaust that is currently there because the Tollway doubles as an overnight or short-term trucker parking hotel. The Tollway has made a commitment to let the Village look at their other mainline plans that are going to be adjacent to the Village to allow the Village to comment which is important. To the extent that there are any other plans that impact current zoning provisions, such as a conditional use or planned unit development, for Commonwealth or Timber Trails, they have agreed to go through the process of seeking an amendment to the extent that their plans require that, and we will cooperate with them in doing that.

With respect to right-of-way acquisition, the Village currently has appraisals underway to obtain a dollar amount. The Tollway will not be paying the Village a dollar amount; we have essentially exchanged like-kind value for whatever that dollar amount will be in regard to this overall project. The Tollway will be constructing certain public improvements within their project within the Village's boundaries that will be provided to the Village at no cost. That will be in exchange for either providing them with fee simple title deeding them land or providing them with temporary or permanent easements within which to build those public infrastructures. Some of that infrastructure the Tollway will own, and some infrastructure, such as the drainage items, will be owned and maintained by the Village. Regarding the cul-de-sac, if the Tollway does acquire that property at the south end of Commonwealth, the Tollway will build a cul-de-sac, deed it to the Village, and turn the property over to Village. The Village actually owns a portion of that land that would be utilized for the cul-de-sac. Part of that land south of current road is the dedicated part of Commonwealth Avenue that was never paved, Commonwealth Drive. Commonwealth Avenue will be used to round out that cul- de-sac.

The Tollway will handle noise complaints and a customer service phone and email system will be in place to handle voice and written complaints. The Tollway has also committed to enhanced security measures and to not interfere with certain annual Village and community events including a Theatre event and Park District events that are identified in the document.

Attorney Jurusik said he is glad to report that a groundwater protection needs assessment was already done for Well #4. The Village has seen the report and it has no major concerns with respect to their operations vis-a-vis the well. While that is not a guarantee, an accident could occur, and this agreement has bolstered with identification of vibration monitoring, water quality testing as protections built in for the Village. Television inspection, with a baseline, to allow the Village to know the condition of the buildings that are in close proximity to the project are included. This will allow the Village to know whether there is any damage during or after the project from vibration and pounding of certain infrastructure which will be going into the ground.

A construction protocol and emergency communication plan will be in place which is critical in the event something goes wrong. A back-up water supply will be identified and that will be triggered if there has to be a back-up water supply due to an impact on Well #4. If there is an impact to Well #4, the Tollway has committed to pay for back-up water supply until Well #4 gets built and reconstructed. The Tollway will also pay for any damage to the Well. It is on the Village to identify the supplemental water supply and take steps to engage that and this is something that staff will work on. The Tollway will also pay for any damage to existing infrastructure beyond the Well. Finally, the Tollway has committed to maintenance responsibilities post-project. The Tollway has committed to a maintenance plan for all properties adjacent to the Village to do a better job of maintaining them.

Attorney Jurusik said these are some of the enhancements which were not in the December 2018/January 2019 document and he believes this is a much better document and is due to the cooperative efforts of staff and other Village consultants.

Discussion and a question and answer period followed. Village staff and Tollway representatives provided answers to questions from the Board of Trustees.

Trustee Tymick concluded his report by stating that he would like to commend Village staff, Attorney Jurusik and the Tollway Authority for getting this agreement this far, this quickly without rushing it. Trustee Tymick said that with what the Board has seen today that he believes the Village is well-protected and in good shape. President Gallagher concurred. Trustee Tymick said the General Government Committee reviewed the draft agreement, reviewed Hinsdale's agreement with the Tollway, and met at length in Committee with Tollway staff on April 29, 2019. The Committee recommended approval of the intergovernmental agreement on omnibus on May 20,2019.


A) Capital Summary Report

Trustee Alien presented the Capital Summary Report. Several of the projects are IEPA related. Well #5 Transmission Main and Drilling, the Standpipe Repainting and Clausen Replacement. The Village is waiting on final loan approval before we can proceed.

This is the last year of the 5-year Sewer Televising Program. We will now focus on high priority areas in the future which makes economic sense and is practical for risk management.

B) Capital Outlook Report

Trustee Alien reviewed the new draft Capital Outlook Report (COR) which came out of the strategic planning process. This report is a 5-year all inclusive look at capital projects going forward. The Public Works and Water Committee reviewed the report and some suggested additions to the COR were determined to be appropriate. Trustee Alien said he believes this will be great document for people to see what is coming down the pipe and provides an idea from a budgeting/finance standpoint.

President Gallagher said this is a very comprehensive and excellent document and she appreciates all of the Committee and staffs work on this document. President Gallagher asked if the intention would be to amend the document annually. Director Supert said this document will be a complimentary document to the annual budget and would be updated annually in the winter or spring of each year.

C) Central Avenue Engineering Proposal

This is a large project, from a cost standpoint, at an approximate cost of $3,649,019.00, and includes the reconstruction of Central Avenue from Burlington Avenue to 47th Street. The Village was awarded approximately $2,554,313.00 in Federal Surface Transportation Funds (STP) for the Central Avenue reconstruction.

This street is not on the top of the list of the MPCI list, which is a road condition report. Central Avenue is in fairly good condition but underneath it is the combined stormwater/sanitary sewer which is less than ideal. This situation also creates some flooding south of 47th Street on Fair Elms Avenue and in Old Town South which has historically been a problem. With the significant amount of grant money available for this combined roadway and sewer project, the Village would be able to receive a very high portion of the $4 million project paid through grant monies. The Village's share of the project is also over $1 million and this project was not contemplated when the Village did the capital raise for the road referendum in 2016. One idea proposed for funding the Village's portion, is to use General-Purpose Reserves for the project. The General-Purpose Reserves has been designated for cost match of projects. The Committee discussed this project but no recommendation on whether or not to proceed was determined. The project has been on hold for several years while the Village explored funding options. Some discussion about funding the engineering costs will be forthcoming. Manager Velkme said staff will take a look at the funding and logistics as to when the construction would be scheduled. Staff will come back with the recommendation to the Board.

D) 2019 Sidewalk and Curb Replacement Program

The bids for the 2019 Sidewalk Curb and Gutter Replacement program were opened on April 4, 2019. The low bidder was Strada Construction. In the past, Schroeder & Schroeder provided this service to the Village. Staff reviewed the low bid and are recommending the Village use Strada for the sidewalk and curb replacement. Award of bid was added to the May 20, 2019 omnibus vote list.

The Public Works and Water Committee did have a discussion on reviewing whether the Village is spending the right amount of money each year to keep up with the condition of the sidewalks in the Village and their repair schedule.

E) 2019 Smoke Testing Proposal

Trustee Alien reported that the Village Board rejected all proposals received for the March bid opening at the April 22, 2019 Board meeting. Staff revised the project area to only encompass the MWRD IICP required areas for 2019. Staff received one revised proposal from RIN Group at a total project cost of $19,998.88. RJN provided all the necessary requirements for the project and their references were very positive. The Committee recommended award of bid on omnibus on May 20, 2019. Residents will be advised before this program commences so that they are prepared in the event they do see smoke coming into their home from the testing.

F) Baxter & Woodman IEPA Loan Agreements

The Committee is recommending these agreements move to the May 20,2019 omnibus vote list for approval.


A) Capital Summary Report

Trustee Hansen provided the Capital Summary Report. Village staff is reviewing the final request for proposal (RFP) language for the Historic Tower Front Door Replacement project. The RFP is anticipated to go out to publication this month with the work targeted for July or August.

The punch list items for the East Platform are almost completed. The last few items are weather dependent and once the weather improves, they will be completed. Trustee Alien asked if staff looked at the final total cost of that project. Director Supert said Municipal Services staff will review this project and costs with the Finance Department.

Phase 1 engineering for the Wolf Road Bike Path is almost complete. The Village received comments back from IDOT on the Phase 1 plans. Staff reviewed those comments and resubmitted plans to IDOT in mid-April. Engineer Ziegler commented on items such as crash analysis, traffic, drainage, and tree mitigation, which IDOT is waiting to hear back from the Village on to move forward. This project will likely not be completed until 2020.

B) Consideration of Approval of an Agreement with 845 Design Group for the Design of a Sensory Room in Grand Avenue Center

Trustee Hansen presented a proposal for design of the SEASPAR Sensory Room which is going into Grand Avenue Community Center. The Village's understanding with SEASPAR is that the Village will pay the cost of the design work and SEASPAR will pay the construction and furnishings cost. Once the Village receives the estimated construction costs from 845 Design Group, we will create a formal intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between Western Springs and SEASPAR. An existing IGA between SEASPAR and Lisle was provided to the Board in their agenda packets as an example. SEASPAR is looking into grants to fund their portion of this project. The Committee recommended approval of the proposal from 845 Design Group for the design of the SEASPAR Sensory Room in the amount of $10,335.00. This item was added to the May 20, 2019 omnibus vote list.

C) Tennis Courts

Trustee Hansen said it is unclear if the Spring Rock tennis courts will be available until August, but it is hopeful.


A) Police Pension Fund

Trustee Rudolph reported that the Police Pension Board met on April 30, 2019 with the fund advisor. The investment policy as a whole was discussed and amendments to the policy have been forwarded to legal for review. The policy was last reviewed and updated about 3 years ago so this is a normal course to take a look at those. The revised investment policy will be presented at the July meeting.


A) Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement Between the Village of Western Springs and Municipal Services Incorporated (MSI)

Trustee Siffermann reported that the Public Health and Safety Committee met earlier this evening. Trustee Siffermann presented a draft resolution providing for approval of an agreement between the Village of Western Springs and MSI for computer software that aids and assists in the administration of our administrative hearing system. This system is viewed as a very cost saving measure that will improve our ability to manage these cases. The resolution and agreement were added to the May 20, 2019 omnibus vote list for consideration of approval.

B) Chat with the Chief Flyer

The next Chat with Chief Budds will be on Thursday, May 16, 2019 from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Starbucks located on 6 West 47' Street. Residents are encouraged to stop by to discuss any public safety topics impacting our community with Chief Budds. Complimentary coffee will be served.

C) Youth Citizen Academy Flyer

Trustee Siffermann shared Chief Budds' idea for his inaugural Youth Citizen's Police Academy that is planned for the week of July 22 - 26, 2019 sponsored by the Western Springs Police Department. This is a great opportunity to involve youth (7th - 8 graders) to participate in this event. More information about requirements to participate are available for viewing on the Village website.

D) National Police Week Proclamation

President Gallagher read the National Police Week Proclamation for National Police Week which will be on May 12 - 18, 2019.

E) EMS Week Proclamation

President Gallagher read the Emergency Medical Services Week Proclamation which will be on May 19-25,2019.

F) Citizen Life Saving Recognition

6) Trustee Siffermann reported that there was an incident in which EMS responded to a situation in a household where two youngsters helped save the life of their mother. By the time that EMS reached the scene and could continue those life-saving measures, they learned of this. The Department has requested the recognition of these two individuals and formal recognition is planned for an upcoming meeting. It is important to shed light on this life-saving technique and the heroic efforts extended by two members of the family.


G) NARCAN Presentation

Trustee Siffermann reported that Chief Kenny attended a presentation and demonstration at the Hinsdale Fire Department in conjunction with the DuPage County Health Department on April 13, 2019. This is a pilot program to train the community in the use ofNARCAN. Chief Kenny reported this was a heart-warming meeting in that over 100 people gathered, representing all age groups, and including families with members who were affected by this tragedy as well as others learning more about the use of device. The device is available for purchase without prescription at local drug stores. The device is capable of being administered with small instructions in the event a person is discovered to have the effects of opioid abuse. The Department is interested in continuing close cooperation with this program and advancing this in the future.

H) 2018 Fire Department Annual Report

Trustee Siffermann presented the highlights of the Department of Fire & EMS's 2018 annual report. This comprehensive report which reflects the mission of the Department is available on the Village's website. Chief Kenny thanked Firefighter Richard Zak for his work on compiling the report. President Gallagher added that it is tmly remarkable what ChiefKenny's paid-on-call department accomplishes each year.

Resolution Approving a Utility Easement Agreement for a Permanent Easement and a Temporary Construction Easement Regarding Access to an Existing Underground Combined Sanitary and Storm Sewer Overflow Pipe Located Under the Real Property Commonly Known as 1327 West 48th Street (Lot 1) and 1331 West 48th Street (Lot 2), Western Springs, Illinois 60558

Trustee Tyrrell said this is a housekeeping measure. There is an easement that has existed for decades within the Forest Hills neighborhood and was necessary for the Village's combined sewer overflow (CSO) pipe that runs north and south. The pipe runs through two vacant lots, located along the north side of 48th Street west of Fair Elms Avenue. Those vacant lots are being developed and it was discovered that the Village needs to have a permanent easement to attach to the property. A utility easement agreement and plat have been drafted. The owners have agreed to the easement. The resolution and agreement were added to the May 20, 2019 omnibus vote list for consideration of approval.


There was no other business.



President Gallagher reported that on April 24, 2019, she attended the West Central Municipal Council (WCMC) and West Cook Solid Waste membership meetings at Brookfield Zoo. The WCMC membership approved the annual budget which did include a $.06 per capita increase in municipal dues.

On April 25, 2019, President Gallagher attended the RTA press conference to support RTA's request for sustainable funding in the proposed State capital budget. At that meeting, President Gallagher heard many compelling comments from professionals in business, education and government, among others, regarding the dire state of transit funding, its infrastructure and the need for investment.

On April 30, 2019, Director Scott, Director Supert, Assistant Director Biernacki and President Gallagher met with two Forest Hills residents who are interested in restructuring the Village's sidewalk policy. The residents are engaged in seeing sidewalks installed throughout Forest Hills. The issues they raised will be reviewed by legal and the Infrastructure Commission.

President Gallagher thanked all of those who attended the May 3, 2019 retirement celebration in honor of our three Trustees Berry Alien, Sheila Hansen and Ed Tymick along with two Trustees each from the Library and Park Boards. It was a fun evening with Senator John Curran attending. Jim Tyrrell and Bill Siffermann did a superb job roasting our outgoing Trustees. President Gallagher expressed her appreciation of their service and said we have all learned so much from all three Trustees. President Gallagher also expressed her thanks to Deputy Clerk Haeske for all her work in making such a special event.


Manager Velkme reported that the May 19, 2019 new Trustee orientation session must be cancelled due to some work conflicts. Staff is working to reschedule this session and tour.


Village Attorney Jurusik reported on recreational cannabis legislation. Mr. Jurusik provided an executive summary to the Board on this matter. Some tweaks have been made to the legislation and Attorney Jurusik will provide some suggestions for the Board to plan accordingly. Attorney Jurusik will keep the Board apprised as this legislation develops. This measure will impact all communities.

President Gallagher thanked Attorney Jumsik for all his work on the Tollway intergovernmental agreement with the Village. She also thanked Engineer Ziegler and Village staff for their efforts.



Trustee Tymick moved, second by Hansen, to adjourn at 9:01 p.m. The motion passed on a unanimous voice vote.


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